Thursday, June 21, 2018

July Sunrise Wedding Special!

$100 OFF for
2018 weddings on July 1 - 31 during sunrise (6am-7:30am) ONLY!

$100 off the grand total with us, 
For truly amazing, breath-taking photography and custom wedding ceremony.
Sunrise is THE best time for this too...
quiet, clean, cooler, deserted, and AMAZING colorful skies!

 A Very Magical and Timeless Experience!

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Wedding Fashion Top 6

  1. Ladies wearing Fascinators or huge ripple-brimmed hats.
  2. Mustard yellow color, or peachy pink pastel color or navy blue clothing.
  3. Monochromatic outfits with matching accessories, few patterns, like the Queen (who wore pale green).
  4. Morning tuxedos for men, with interesting patterned ties or vests.
  5. Both Prince Harry and Prince William wore their Blues and Royals frockcoat uniforms.
  6. Meghan's dress:  white silk organza with a muted sheen, boat neckline, no embellishments, no necklace, short train, loooooong cathedral veil, Queen Anne's tiara, and a small, posey-style  white & yellow bouquet with flowers from each of all the British commonwealths.
Famous guests:  Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham, Amal and George Clooney, Serena Williams, Elton John, James Cordon, and others. Prince William was best man, and Prince Charles escorted bride partway down the aisle too. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Top 10 Wedding Words by Couples

Per reports from here are Top 10 words couples used to describe their wedding in 2017. We noticed all 10 are words to describe OUR wedding services too!
 1. Romantic
2. Fun
3. Elegant
4. Down to Earth
5. Classic
6. Do-It-Yourself
7. Practical
8. Creative
9. Traditional
10. Casual
See for yourself at

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Friend or Professional Photographer?

Either let a friend or relative shoot your wedding, or a hire a recommended professional shooter. There are pros and cons to either choice, plus some important points you may not thought of yet:

·        Free or cheap
·        Friend gets a favor: he can give this as his wedding gift
·        Almost unlimited for time shooting whenever
·        If you like, you probably can micro-manage a friend
·        Comfortable with very personal photos; it’s a familiar face and energy
·        Usually takes your suggestions for poses
·        May get clever “inside” shots from being in-the-know with your group’s politics
·        Some have experience as wedding photographer and associated challenges
·        Photographer might party with you
·        Favoritism – might get your photos delivered sooner because you’re friends

·        May expect to be compensated elsewhere (i.e. big tip, free drinks, barter, use your images in his ads)
·        You are kind-of “the boss” but not really—because you are friends first
·        May need micro-managing if inexperienced
·        May resist micro-managing by stopping shooting, or arguing, sulking or feeling insulted
·        Expections for his goasl are loose—may miss important shots
·        Chatting and distracted by other guests—may miss important shots
·        If you don’t like his behavior and say something, you risk hurt feelings, arguing or embarrassment
·        Can refuse your suggestions for poses
·        Can take embarrassing pics or may tell confidential/private things to other loved ones
·        If friend gets sick, injured, too drunk/high, has travel problems at the last minute--good replacement is limited
·        May not handle challenges (i.e. bad weather, rain, poor lighting, embarrassing guests, dead batteries, hairdo and make-up failures, meltdowns, etc.)
·        May not know how to help people relax and be comfortable—feels awkward, add stress, wastes time
·        May not know how to pose people to look their best
·        Without good recommendations and seeing samples, you risk your photos being unsatisfactory.
·        If you don’t like his photos and say so, you risk hurt feelings
·        If you don’t like his photos and say nothing, you risk having no great wedding photos
·        May not have truly high-tech equipment or editing skills to either take pics, or re-edit photos you don’t like
·        If someone breaks his equipment or gets injured during shoots (tripping/falling), or he damages property (drops the borrowed & blue bracelet down a drain), you may need to pay for the camera, the doctor visit, or the property lost
·        Because this was a free/cheap project, other paying projects may get priority over finishing your pics

·        You pay money upfront
·        May not feel like a familiar energy behind the camera at first, takes a few minutes to settle in
·        Usually not open to being micro-managed
·        Photographer will not party on the job
·        Might not handle challenges the way you think she should (good recommendations avoid this)
·        Without good recommendations and seeing samples, you risk your photo results being unsatisfactory.
·        Unless you’ve hired her before, you have to trust other people’s recommendations

·        You choose when the shooting starts and stops
·        She is your employee and you are THE boss.
·        If you don’t want to micro-manage others on your wedding day, you don’t have to
·        She always helps people to relax, be comfortable, happy and genuine for photos
·        No embarrassing shots; stays confidential about what she saw or heard in private
·        Always takes your suggestions for poses

Sunday, February 18, 2018

TOP 5 Wedding Trend for 2018

According to 

  1. Metallic and Marble materials, colors,  textures - lots of silver, chrome, white metal.
  2. Greenery - instead of flowers, now its vines, ferns, leaves, succulents, berries, pods, stems, grasses, spanish mosses, peacock feathers, straw or raffia. (our florist LOVES to make these!)
  3. Casual ceremonies and photo poses - cheerful, fun, relaxed, even humorous. (Like we do!)
  4. Outdoors locations (a beach perhaps?!)
  5. Unique foods on the menus, and unique food displays.

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