Friday, August 18, 2017

Photobombing at a Wedding

See Uncle Bob, hyper-focused on his cellphone picture taking, standing behind the Maid of Honor and Bride during the ceremony? Don't be Uncle Bob. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Wear Bright Colors on Beach

Look at this picture overall (ignore whiteout faces). Who looks "best" against this typical beach background? The ones in colorful or neutral clothes?

Hint:  for best results, WEAR BRIGHT, COLORFUL CLOTHES to your beach wedding and any beach photo session too! Your wedding party members should wear any bright colors you wish  BUT AVOID white, ivory, cream, gray, tan, beige, khaki, nor light blue.  

Honest & Blunt Advice:  Brides, the typical strapless, sleeveless white/ivory dress does NOT look good on most caucasian bodies (95% of us are not super tiny and slender). Women of Color:  you got a natural advantage--you can wear the white/ivory colors okay, but bright color looks better on you too!  

SHOPPING ADVICE: look in non-wedding dress departments, bring honest friends along who have good taste, try different colors and get YOUR style instead. IF you GOTTA do a white dress, then put your fiance and attendants all in bright colors, you carry bright/contrasting flowers, put colorful decor in your hair, consider a color sash or dress accents, and pick a non-strapless style that flatters your beautiful shape! 😍 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hair and Wind Advice for Better Photos

~ ADVICE FROM 1550+ beach weddings experience, so HEED ~
Margo cannot emphasize this enough...Nothing ruins your wedding photos like the hair/bangs of a bride (or the daughter or mom or a bridesmaid) flapping loose, unpinned, unsprayed in your eyes and mouth due to wind whipping because: 
  • It absolutely WILL flop in your  eyes when windspeed is 9+mph - always 
  • Now you have a large, hairy "squid" covering your face in pics!  
  • Frustrated, clawing, hair flipping people SCOWL in pics 
  • all the after poses HAVE to be in the same direction, same background, no creativity, no variations and some GREAT poses are impossible... cuz loose-hair-ladies must face the wind only. Seriously... Margo's photos totally rock... don't cut yourself off from that!
REMEMBER, it is WHIPPING WINDY at the beach 90% of the time!  If the forecast says wind speed is above 9 mph, then fix your hair tightly which means
  • BASIC: at least wear a decorated or simple headband with hairspray
  • BETTER: use bobby pins, combs, flowers, braids, and hairspray a lot
  • BEST for DIY.:  TON of strong hairspray, plus pins, plus combs or barrettes, a tiara, flowers, plus gel/wax and lots MORE HAIRSPRAY!  
  • BEST OF ALL:  hire a pro hairdresser to style it right AND who has experience with beach weddings, PLUS insist on tons of hairspray. 
  • This is true for short hair men too!  High wind means he has Alfalfa sprouts or a large divot in his head in photos. USE LOTS OF HAIRSPRAY!TONS!
And another BIG FYI:  
WEAR your biggest and SHINY JEWELRY.  This is a wedding...its one time only special...and these are your once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos. So at least borrow some pearls, or a "big" necklace, wear shinier, nicer earrings, AND put on a nice bracelet.  Strapless or sundresses:  look VERY strange and bland without showy bling at neckline. Seriously, you look washed out, blah, bland, lifeless, and gives a vague visual hint of not really wanting to do this or dress up for this, as if you don't care, kinda slap-dash...SO wear your showy bling, ladies! REALLY! Even simple string of costume pearls is great! 
Hope this helps! 💖

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our 9th and 10th Awards!

David and Margo Sears, co-owners and operators of Beachpeople Weddings, are pleased to announce being 2017 ­recipients of two more service excellence Awards in the wedding industry.  This brings their grand total of professional awards to 10 since 2013. What does that mean? This means they remain among the top 2% of 250,000+ wedding vendors.

Voters were 93 former clients who benefited from Beachpeople Weddings photography and officiating service packages, thus ratifying these prestigious awards from The Knot and Wedding Wire websites, two national media leaders in this industry.  Readers may view clients’ vivid commentaries and perfect 5-stars ratings on their respective websites.

Additionally, the photography of Margo Ross Sears made the covers of two regional wedding magazines in 2016 and 2015: Weddings with Pride and The Perfect Wedding Planner, the latter of which Margo also is a featured writer and advice columnist. A third magazine cover photo is currently in negotiations for 2017. See more of her work on 

“We’ve married more than 3,100 people and no two weddings are alike. We attract the most interesting, fun-loving people here at the beach, which is just logical, given the happy nature of typical beachpeople,” commented Rev.  Margo. “Photos? You can see hundreds on our Facebook with more than 1,800 Likes!  Interesting to me… even people with NO wedding plans watch us there just for the eye-candy. They comment and tell us what they think!”

“We are so blessed to be offer these personal services! Our couples tell us they love the warm attention and enthusiastic support we give. In turn, this gives us a real quality of life.  And a part of why our weddings are so awesome is due to the wonderful local businesses to which we refer clients daily, such as bakers, restaurants, hotels, salons, a florist, and many more,” says Rev. David.  

To learn more about the Sears and Beachpeople Weddings, visit

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunset or Sunrise Time Advice

As you plan your outdoor wedding time, you want to consider the effects of which time: 
  • temperature (cooler in mornings, warmer in late afternoons–on beach its SUPER HOT 9am – 5pm in summer!)
  • effects on quality of your photos (“golden hour” is first and last hours of sunlight, all else is harsh, shadowy, washed out)
  • early morning or evening times pro’s and con’s (fewer strangers around, quieter, great light, but hard on travelers)
  • midday or late afternoon pro’s and con’s  (midday is super hot & extra crowded in summer, but pleasant and deserted in winter)
  • IDEAL TIME WINTER MONTHS: midday hours 1 – 3 pm
  • IDEAL TIMES SUMMER MONTHS:  Sunrise is best (before 8am) and Twilight is 2nd best (between 6-730pm)
So we share these free links, below, which list the the actual sun times on YOUR possible ceremony date!  FYI: for sunset, you want a start time ONE HOUR BEFORE “SUNSET” time column.  For sunrise, the “SUNRISE” time column is yours.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Your Guest List Made Easy!

Here's a SIMPLE how to decide who to invite and who not! Easy peasy!
Shared courtesy of "Weddings With Pride" magazine editor Mr. Eric Hause:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Wedding Anniversary to David & Margo

October 10 is our wedding anniversary!  See the 4 minutes video here!

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