Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kindred Spirits Mailbox at Sunset Beach

Margo is writing in a public journal with our friend, Theresa, at the famous Kindred Spirit mailbox on Sunset Beach NC on the west end of it. This lone mailbox has hundreds of handwritten entries from a myriad of visitors over the years. Some talk about plans to propose marriage, or fears about parenting, thoughts about the recent passing of a loved one, about the joy of being on a favorite beach again, about asking forgiveness, about exciting new ideas, or about spiritual thoughts... some entries just say "hello" with hearts and smileys. It's quite fascinating!

Some folks leave little gifts like seashells, fresh pens or paper, stickers, flowers, etc. This happy mailbox is secluded in the bird-sanctuary end of the island, so its a short hike to get there.  The sand is fluffy, soft, white and silver, too.

Come visit the Kindred Spirit mailbox... park at 40th Street access at Sunset Beach NC, turn right on the beach and walk about 30 minutes.  The box is up in the dunes. Come say your peace/piece. Namaste.

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