Thursday, October 29, 2015

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2016!

1.   Uniqueness
Make a new wedding design that is representative of ONLY YOU as a couple. Take an inventory of things you like and who you are. “If you take this couple out of this wedding plan and inserted another couple, it should no longer make sense.”
2.   Craft cocktails
If your religion/culture allow alcoholic beverages, and your budget allows, order custom cocktails for your guests. If your budget is limited, do a little online research and find signature drinks that match your style and color scheme -- most caterers and hotels don't even charge extra for this if you use readily available ingredients. Tequila is the current Number One elixir!
3.   Unique entertainment
You don't need a huge budget for this. Recruit cousins to perform a great dance routine or hire acrobats, drumline dancers, bellydancers, or a New Orleans-style Second Line escorting your guests from the ceremony to the reception, hire a gospel choir, or native American dancers, or fire dancers! Also, magicians, jugglers, fortune tellers, actors, techno entertainment is BIG from DJs besides just music… ask them to show you what they got!

4.   Best Woman, Man of Honor, Dog of Honor
In 2016, the wedding party is different - more men standing up for their sisters, ladies standing up for their brothers, and even the well-behaved family dog or whatever makes sense for your wedding party members.

5.   DressesOff the shoulder is gone!  Try a bateau neckline or a plunge. Think more unique…we see floaty sheer layers, lots of lace, ostrich feather trim or skirts, sheer overlays with embellishments, with or without sleeves, floral lace applique with 3D blooms, keyholes or plunging necklines, illusion bodices and skirts, Sensual looks and feels, high leg slits, crop tops showing torsos. Try a sari! Getting LOTS Of fabric movement and fluidity with sequins, lame’, tulles, silks, feathers, satins, organzas. See more on The Knot's 2016 dresses reports.

6.   Environmentally and Socially Conscious Wedding Vendors
Recycling, green friendly, open-minded and global thinkers and do’ers (BeachPeople is that!)

7.   Colors
Medium to pale blues, grays/silvers. Also peach to burnt orange tones. Also palest pink. 

8.  Hair Jewelry
Big clusters of tasteful rhinestones, pearls, vines, glittery combs, shiny clips, LOTS of shine! Tiaras! Got braids? Twine shiny cords and pearls and florals or feathers around them.   

 9.   Botanical embellishments
On everything – your dress, your hair, his tie and a fancy boutonniere, the reception d├ęcor, the cake, the tables, the aisle way/seats, the arbor or altar, the invitations. Don’t care for flowers? Use vines, leaves, pods, seeds.

10. Pant SuitsChic ladies’ pant suits in white or silver with lots of feminine touches and flair!

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