Friday, May 20, 2016

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue?

A western custom of bringing good luck, protection, abundance and purity to the couple is to have “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”  Here are creative ideas for ways to have these in your wedding (not just on the bride):

Use an old photo of a departed loved one in a frame pendant tied to the bouquet
Turn mom’s veil into a bouquet wrapper, or her dress into a fancy handbag or handkerchief
Pin an old brooch to the bouquet or your dress, or inside the dress
Put an old penny or dime in your shoe (borrow it!)
Rent an old style limo, or borrow dad’s cool old muscle car or grandma’s shiny old Cadillac
use antique furniture to decorate for reception
play classical rock, jazz, blues, country or symphony music
dance with grandparents and elders, get your photo with them
Antique jewelry from vintage stores and antique shops or online
Groom can follow another old tradition of giving his bride a (vintage) pearl necklace
Bride can give him antique/vintage cuff links or wristwatch

new dress or shoes, new hairbobs, makeup, etc
Groom can give his bride a NEW pearl necklace
Bride can give new men’s jewelry or new baubles to her bridesmaids

Copy a quote or prayer from your parents’ wedding vows
Borrow your loved one’s dress or accoutrements
Use mom and dad’s cake cutter/server
Rent your dress or tuxedos
A coin in the bride or groom’s shoes
Acquire earrings or bracelet or hairpiece and return it later
Borrow parents or grandparents’ cake topper
Accept someone’s handkerchief
Rent a nice (old, new or blue) car for the occasion

Azure neckties, socks, shoes or pocket-squares for men’s attire
Embroider with blue thread a date/initials inside your clothes or a hanky
Powder blue dress for bride or her attendants
Sky blue garters and/or flowers are popular
Navy napkins, runners, glasses or menus on reception tables
Blue favors… blue candy or blue wrapper condoms, maybe
Nail polish or toe polish, and/or blue eyeshadow
Teal ribbons on bouquets
bluish paper or ribbons on gifts or envelopes
Cobalt getaway vehicle instead of white

In a hurry, need it fast and cheap?  Borrow an old safety pin, rip off a bit of new, blue paper or fabric and pin that inside your clothes.

~ author, Margo Ross Sears has written over 1,400 wedding ceremonies 

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