Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Help Boost our SEO rankings - easy peasy!

Hello dear fans of BPW, 
So, in April we lauched a totally new website when hackers somewhere in Eastern Europe quietly burned down our old one from the inside. We built a new one with more security guards on it. But this means we "lost" 5 years of SEO prestige and traffic on the Web, thus we don't appear in some internet searches like we did. This is NOT good...other, sweet, deserving wedmates are missing out on the amazing fun & high quality of our weddings & photos! ;)  

Please help us recover our SEO rankings! Let others find us too! Click on our website and hey...browse a lil, enjoy the photos, hear David on flute, see whats new here. THANK YOU!  So click:

Spring 2011, the Sears

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