Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunset or Sunrise Time Advice

As you plan your outdoor wedding time, you want to consider the effects of which time: 
  • temperature (cooler in mornings, warmer in late afternoons–on beach its SUPER HOT 9am – 5pm in summer!)
  • effects on quality of your photos (“golden hour” is first and last hours of sunlight, all else is harsh, shadowy, washed out)
  • early morning or evening times pro’s and con’s (fewer strangers around, quieter, great light, but hard on travelers)
  • midday or late afternoon pro’s and con’s  (midday is super hot & extra crowded in summer, but pleasant and deserted in winter)
  • IDEAL TIME WINTER MONTHS: midday hours 1 – 3 pm
  • IDEAL TIMES SUMMER MONTHS:  Sunrise is best (before 8am) and Twilight is 2nd best (between 6-730pm)
So we share these free links, below, which list the the actual sun times on YOUR possible ceremony date!  FYI: for sunset, you want a start time ONE HOUR BEFORE “SUNSET” time column.  For sunrise, the “SUNRISE” time column is yours.

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