Sunday, April 14, 2013

10 Hot Reasons to Marry on the Beach in NC or SC!

  1. The venue for the ceremony is naturally GORGEOUS and romantic!  Decorating is totally optional. (fyi, no fake flower petals on beach and no glass... wildlife and people can get hurt)
  3. The venue for the ceremony is FREE! (Wrightsville Beach and some Charleston beaches have permit fees... but all 81 other local beaches here do not)
  4. The venue for photography is also gorgeous and FREE. (engagement session, before shots, wedding, after shots, family and group shots, and so on)
  5. No limit to number of guests
  6. Lower cost than Hawaii, Florida, or blue water, powder-soft white and silver sand, protected dunes, few skyscrapers, & many say its prettier, cleaner, less commerical.
  7. No music purring, wind blowing, birds calling, kids laughing... is already there. (or bring a boombox or a musician--guitarist, singer, violinist, steel pan drummer)
  8. Guests have to travel to your wedding anyway, so make it a vacation destination for them.
  9. Hundreds of entertainment options for ALL ages, abilities, and income levels of guests & family from free to very upscale (swimming, sand, beachcombing, zoos, pools, waterparks, fishing, piers, aquariums, hiking tours, putt-putt, golf, tennis, restaurants, ice cream & snacks, shopping, museums, dolphin tours, kayaks, jet ski tours, boat rentals, motorcycle & sport car rentals, horseback rides, pro baseball, car races, arcades, go carts, street festivals, laser light shows, Vegas shows, dinner shows, helicoptor rides, bicycling, carnival rides, dance clubs, music clubs, parades, zip lines, daytrip casino ships, girls night, guys night, drumming circles, yoga, tai chi, massage, spa treatments, etc) 
  10. Hundreds of food & catering options...MORE THAN SEAFOOD! They serve EVERYTHING here, buffet to full service: Italian, French, Chinese, Greek, American, Jamaican, Thai, Brazilian, Mongolian, Irish, Australian, German, Japanese, Indian, etc. etc.
  11. THE COOLEST and BEST award winning officiants and wedding services are here:  Check our rep anywhere...then come enjoy a REAL experience of a truly personal, lovely and loving ceremony.

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