Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rent Guests Chairs or Stand?

Seating is NOT included in our packages because:
  • Its jsut us two here and we spend all our time and energy only on your ceremony, your photos and YOU. That's how we keep our services personal, genuinely caring and amazing! 
  • Plus, many rental companies already serve the same 75+ beaches we do.
  • About 60-70% of our couples don't rent any seats.
So our seating advice:
  • Wedding ceremony lasts about 10 minutes + while guests assemble (5-15 minutes), and afterward during photos session (10-60 minutes).
  • If you have guests who are elderly, handicapped, or surgery issues, then renting regular chairs, is good.
  • If you have less than 20 guests and no elderly or handicapped, consider letting them stand in an arch formation around the wedding site (see our Facebook album photos).
  • Or consider seats for the first and/or second row of special guests (parents, g-parents, elders), and invite other guests to stand behind and around them.
  • We recommend renting your seating from vendors we trust--see our list of all their websites here: Suggested Vendors webpage. 
The variety of seating styles is large:
  • metal frame folding chairs (in beige or white, usually)
  • metal chairs with white fabric seat covers and color sashes
  • white polymer chairs (most popular)
  • white polymer chairs with seat covers and color sashes
  • benches - white or other colors (also popular)
  • poufs - pillows scattered on blankets (good for children and young guests)
  • colorful ottomans (exclusively from Sweetwater Bamboo Arbors--click here)

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