Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Advice for best beach wedding photos

  • Wear colorful clothes, or least put the groom and family in colorful clothes. The background beach colors are DULL--white, silver, beige, blue, grey and white again.
  • Any men or boys with crew cuts or shaved heads? Tell them to tan their scalps in the last month before wedding... no hats, use sunscreen, for no q-tip heads!
  • Women and girls, please wear hair pinned, shellacked thickly, or fastened OUT of your face. Short hair is non-issue. But wind on beach will ALWAYS blow long hair into your eyes, you squint, you toss your head, you reach up to push it... all those things ruin photos.
  • Wear the formal make up, teeth whitening (groom too), and put on the big jewelry! Wear that fanciest necklace and earrings! They will look tiny and small in a me... it helps.
  • Buy dresses that support and complement your body types. The standard American bridal gown of white, strapless, sweetheart neckline with mermaid or belle skirt, looks bad on 1/3 of all body types... ask a seriously honest clerk or friend opinion first.
  • Alter strapless dresses to fit very well and closely--no gaps or pinching. The wearer should NEVER never tug on her dress! Looks so clumsy and childish, unclassy and totally goofy.
  • Your pics will look natural due to the beach background and the poses we put you in. So go dress up a lot...this is a wedding!  And the contrast to the casual background is very cool and pretty! But please remain physically comfortable. NO painful shoes or overheated layers!

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