Thursday, February 5, 2015

Guests' Cellphone / Tablet Pics Ruin your Pics

Advice for wedding/renewal couples & planners: 
  • Disallow guests taking cellphone/tablet pics during ceremony. 
  • Tell them to respect the professional you paid for.
    Below are examples of why this looks so very bad!  FYI:  these pics are unfortunately common, not just weird exceptions!
  • Photo-grabbing guests lean in TOO CLOSE, so no way to avoid them in your professional photos (and sneaky crouching is no better). See below. 
  • Guests should be personally engaged, looking, and listening to this precious, 1-time moment that you generously invited them to witness! Not staring at an electronic lil' video screen...once again. 
  • Plus it's rude to you, and to everyone else. 
Tell all your guests: "cellphones and e-toys OFF OR AWAY... NO PICS.  We will share our pictures with you later."  IF SOMEONE PRESSURES YOU FOR IT, then designate only 1 person who can share their pics later. Let it be a non-significant person (not your kids, parents, best man, etc). SAY to this person:
  1. think, pay attention, look around.
  2. keep your cellphone/tablet OUT of the professional photos. 
  3. Their best place is TO STAY RIGHT BESIDE the pro... not in front, or opposite, or facing the pro.  
  4. FYI:  it is NOT the responsibility of your pro to babysit that amateur. Your friend has to keep up with the moving shooter, OR they can stand still and NOT shoot until the pro lands beside them for a while (this is best). 

he's not paying attention
He never put down phone

This was an amateur guest probably with her new "toy". She crammed herself up into the action with no regard to other guests, the couple, or the professional shooter.

Now the amateur shooter is annoying the bride, blocking the pro, and she still continued.

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