Friday, July 7, 2017

Use Bright Colors at Beach Wedding

Look at this picture overall (ignore faces). Which outfits look "best" against this typical beach background? The ones in colorful clothes or neutral clothes (left side or right side)?

Hint:  for best results, WEAR BRIGHT, COLORFUL CLOTHES to your beach wedding and any beach photo session too! Your wedding party can wear any bright colors you wish BUT:
white, ivory, cream, gray, tan, beige, khaki, nor light blue (and medium blue) OR any pastels too! ** They all washout and look weak, or even disappear into background of beige, white and pale blue beach and sky backgrounds.

This is true for your flowers too... white and pastel flowers disappear on a white or pale dress and the pale beach background! Choose strong, bright colors or jewel tones. 

Honest & Blunt Advice:  For Brides: the typical strapless, sleeveless white/ivory dress does NOT look good on most body types (90% of us are not tiny and slender). Women of Color:  you got a natural advantage--you can wear the white/ivory colors okay, but bright colors still look better than pales!  

SHOPPING ADVICE: look in non-wedding dress departments, bring honest friends along who have good taste, try different colors and get YOUR style instead--be YOU! IF you just GOTTA do a white dress, then put your fiance and attendants all in bright colors, you carry bright/contrasting flowers (same rules as above), put colorful decor in your hair, consider a color sash or dress accents, and pick a non-strapless style that flatters your beautiful shape!
Typical dress color against typical sand color.

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