Friday, October 20, 2017

How To Avoid Corrupting Your Photos Flashdrive

NO PULLINGNever remove a flashdrive from a computer by just pulling it out! That's a Russian Roulette ... eventually it WILL damage/corrupt your flashdrive. ALWAYS use the "Eject" function and Wait to see the safe removal notice (view 4 steps how-to):

4 Steps to SAFELY EJECT: at bottom right corner of Desktop Screen
  1. The first time you open a photos flashdrive, copy/SAVE all files onto a computer or another device. Make a backup copy of them!  When finished, Eject Safely--see above!
  2. NO HIGH HEAT – avoid a hot computer, in a purse or backpack in the sun, near a heater, stove or hot coil, left in a car, a dryer, in direct sunlight for long time, on beach, etc.
  3. NO WATER like condensation or sweat – avoid high humidity, refrigeration, pools, bathrooms, lakes, in pocket while hiking/swimming/exercising/camping/working in heat, greenhouses, humid kitchen or hot tub or fish tank splash, left in a hot/moist gym bag/locker/towel, or hit by drink spills, etc.

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